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About Us

The team (Lauren, Mallory, Steve and Tom) behind Fashion Greek has been in the clothing and fashion business for over 50 years cumulatively. In our first full year in the Greek market we have shipped 10’s of thousands of orders to satisfied customers nationwide. Our seller rating on Amazon is a perfect 100%! You can be sure your order is in good and trusted hands!

When researching twill letter competitors we noticed a lot of “gotcha” fees. The initial price seems great…A $15 twill letter tee special! However, that is only for a white shirt. You want color? That will cost you and extra $3.75. Don’t count on it being shipped sooner than 10 to 14 business days. If you want it shipped out in two days (like fashiongreek.com does) it will cost you an extra $20! So now your $15 shirt costs $38.75 if you want color and you want it fast! CRAZY! And that is for a single layer of twill only!

Welcome to Fashion Greek. The home of the Stadium Jersey and Instant Letters with NO surprises and NO extra fees! We also have sweet deals on pockets, totes, sweats, and tanks.  

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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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-Team Fashion Greek